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Announcing the New ITF England Board

Announcing the New ITF England Board

We are excited to introduce the new ITF England board, elected on Sunday, 9th June. We extend our deepest gratitude to Master McKenna, Mrs. Gray, and Master Symonds for their many years of dedicated service and leadership.

👏 Let’s welcome our new board members who are ready to lead ITF England into a bright future:

Master Philip Lear - President Master John Archer - Vice-President Mr. Michael Turner - Secretary General Mr. Adam Monks - Treasurer

Board Members: Master Tom Denis Mr. Jeff Brider Mr. Neil Malhotra Ms. Sally Gleaves Mr. Nicholas Edmunds

Together, we look forward to continuing our journey towards excellence, growth, and unity within the Taekwon-Do community.

🔗 Stay updated and learn more about our new board at

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