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Apply to Join ITF England 

Why Join ITF England?

We have two Grandmasters and dozens of Masters, with a vast technical knowledge of Taekwon do. Together with astute business acumen, we can help  your school  or association reach its potential.


  • Membership of ITF England

  • Access to ITF courses

  • Access to ITF certification

  • Access to ITF England courses

  • Access to ITF England competitions

  • Access to ITF England squad training

  • Access to selection for ITF England international squad selection

  • Access to policies and procedures to help organisations manage the
    teaching of taekwondo

  • Advice and arbitration

  • Implementation of disciplinary procedures.

  • Technical advice

  • Access to the ITF England Masters committee

  • Administration and management of ITF procedures and policies

  • Communication with AETF

  • Communication with ITF

  • Lobbying with ITF over ITF England issues

  • Representation at ITF congress

  • Umpire development

  • Umpire representation at ITF And AETF events

  • Safeguarding advice

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