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Selections for the 2024 European Championships ***Updated***

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

ITF European Championships 2024 In light of two other major event happening already on Sunday 15 October, the national team selection will be moved to Sunday 22 October in Watford.

Selections for Euros 2024
Selections for Euros 2024

Dear GMs, Master and Instructors

We are in the process of finalizing the venues for the selections for the European championships 2024 in Poland.

At this stage we can inform you that the selections will be over 3 sessions on the following dates;

- Newcastle 24 September

- Watford 22 October

- Manchester 5 November


The selections will be open to all ITF England black belts aged 12 and above (pre- junior , junior and seniors). Competitors will be expected to attend 2 out 3 of the selections above to be considered by the coaches to be part of the team.

At this stage we ask your members to SAVE THE DATES, to ensure they can be a part of the process.

Full details will be released in due course.

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