useful documents

click underneath for the ITF England charter

ITF England Charter ( 18-11-2012)

Click underneath for the ITF England Byelaws

Copy of ITF England Byelaws ( 18 -11 -2012)

Click here for the ITF member agreement. This has to be signed and forwarded to the secretary with your plaque number in order to be able to vote at meetings


Click here for a copy of the options appraisal carried out to decide which organisational set up is most appropriate for ITF England.

itf england options appraisal v3 june 12

Click underneath for answers to questions regarding the establishment of a CIC

ITFengland CIC – questions

Click underneath for the latest version of the articles for consultation (subject to legal review)

ITFE CIC articles-of-associationv5

Click underneath for the government’s model articles for CIC’s


details of the selection procedure for ITF England Teams for the upcoming world championships can be found here

itf England worls championship selection procedure

team selection application form can be found here