The board of directors of ITF England elected at the 2017 Annual General Meeting have worked diligently towards improving opportunities for our members and their students.
Over the last year it has been apparent that the board members have different approaches to ensuring that ITFE continues to develop and has a financial and organisational structure which is fit for purpose. This in turn has led to difficulties in decision making and has caused internal friction within the board.

Inevitably in circumstances such as this, an adversarial position has been taken by different members of the board. Following the mediation by GM Bos, the board would like make to make the following joint statement in order to bring all current and subsisting matters to a full and final end.

- All allegations against Master Palcic, Master Bernard and Mr Nicholson have been dropped.
- Master Palcic and Mr Nicholson have been exonerated of any wrong doing, with no finding of wrongdoing against any of the parties involved.
- The disciplinary investigation has been accordingly been dropped.
- Both sides of the situation wish to publicly apologise to each other for any distress caused, particularly for any public statements made against board members.
- ITF -E regret that Master Bernard was incorrectly accused, he has been exonerated of any wrong doing and he now leads the Board in his role as acting President.

Master Palcic and Mr Nicholson have made a valuable contribution to the work of ITF England during their tenure but have decided that they wish to stand down as President and Treasurer in advance of the EGM.
The anticipated date for the Extraordinary General Meeting is Sunday June 3rd. Time, venue, and date are to be confirmed.
All normal business such as preparation for international competitions, organisation of tournaments and certificate applications will continue as usual
As Vice president Master Bernard will assume the duties of acting President.

ITF England is the officially recognised National Association representing the International Taekwon-Do Federation in England. We are a democratic, not-for-profit organisation which consists of ITF Taekwon-Do associations and independent groups throughout England. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming Events 2017

28-29th October - ITF England Championships

7-9th July - IIC (Manchester)

18th February - ITF England Masters Seminar

Board Members

President Mr. Tom Nicholson (5th Degree)
Vice President Master Errol Bernard (7th Degree)
Secretary Dr. Patricia Gray 5th Degree
Treasurer Mr. Paul Palcic (6th Degree)
Technical Director Mr. Johann De Silva (6th Degree)
Ethics & Discipline Director Mr Paul Cook 6th Degree
Umpire / Tournament Director Master Nick Symonds 7th Degree
Ethics and Discipline Director Mr. Paul Cook (6th Degree)

ITF England Grand Masters and Masters

ITF England Grand Masters and President